BioWare Games & Polyamorous Relationships

BioWare Games & Polyamorous RelationshipsBy this point, most gamers are well aware of the romance stuff BioWare games have come to be known for, from Mass Effect to Dragon Age. For better or worse, improving in-game romance has become a major pillar of development over at BioWare, and at last week’s GaymerX panel, the studio revealed the possibility of polyamorous and asexual relationships in future games.

While the way BioWare writes romance right now can be seen as extremely flawed for any lack of realism, the developers are considering improvements like juggling multiple partners or potentially screwing up a relationship with someone. Asexual relationships are also one of the top requested options from their fans.

The devs really have no issues with polyamorous relationships (in their games) either, but the scripting for this sort of behavior apparently conflicts with the game code, meaning polyamory remains on the drawing board. According to BioWare themselves, it’s “not something we have a problem with on any level beyond the scripting.”

Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider also weighed in, mentioning the possibility of failed relationships in future BioWare games. After all, relationships are

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